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Self-healing grid
On Demand

How to determine the right self-healing grid strategy to achieve your budget and reliability goals:
A look at three business models

CAIDI and SAIDI scores are under close scrutiny from PUCs and other government agencies.
Self-healing grid strategies can improve these metrics by up to 33%. This webinar will discuss three
proven self-healing grid business models:

  • Peer to peer
  • Substation level
  • Centralized

Join this interactive panel discussion to learn what type of investment and reliability improvements you can expect from these three business models. Plus, learn about technology options and implementation strategies for any budget. 


Brad Luyster
VP/GM ABB Smart Grid
Center of Excellence

Brad has spent 24 years in the electrical industry serving mostly industrial, commercial and utility markets. Brad comes to ABB after spending 8 years at Siemens Energy where he ran Siemens' MV outdoor distribution products business segment. In his current role, Brad leads the efforts of the ABB Smart Grid Center of Excellence which is focused on the delivery of systems to help solve complex solutions.

Howard Self, P.E.
Program Manager, ABB Distribution
Automation Smart Grid Center of Excellence

Howard is a 24 year distribution automation expert who has worked on distribution and transmission substation automation with both Siemens and GE, and worked as a protection and control engineer for Santee Cooper.  He is experienced in delivery of systems using both DNP and IEC 61850 and has been active in CUEPRA, IEEE, UCA and DNP users groups.

Jim Stoupis
Principal Consulting R&D Engineer & Group Leader, Power Technologies Dept
ABB Corporate Research Center

For 15 years, Jim and his research has been focused in the areas of distribution and feeder automation, wireless communications, power system protection and control, and event detection and classification. He holds 18 patents and has co-authored 15 technical papers.

Steve Trachian

Distribution Automation System Architect
ABB Inc.

Stephen is responsible for the creation of distribution automation design strategies, architectures, and design specifics.  Prior to joining ABB, he was a Senior Engineer at the Tennessee Valley Authority in the Protection and Control and Telecommunications Architecture departments. There he was responsible for the Protection and Control design package for substations and switchyard, as well as development of a long term communications architecture for control networks.

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