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Smart Grid webinars

This series of educational webinars is sponsored by the ABB Smart Grid Center of Excellence (COE).  The COE leverages ABB’s proven experience as a global T&D OT and IT systems provider, simplifying and expediting the planning, engineering, purchasing and deployment of sustainable grid solutions for any budget level.

Webinar topics:

Self-healing grid    Volt/VAr efficiency    Sustainability    Mircogrid    Demand response    Asset health

Self-healing grid

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How to determine the right self-healing grid strategy to achieve your budget and reliability goals:
A look at three business models

CAIDI and SAIDI scores are under close scrutiny from PUCs and other government agencies. Self-healing grid strategies can improve these metrics by up to 33%. This webinar will discuss three proven self-healing grid business models:

  • Peer to peer
  • Substation level
  • Centralized

Join this interactive panel discussion to learn what type of investment and reliability improvements you can expect from these three business models. Plus, learn about technology options and implementation strategies for any budget. 

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The Volt/VAr efficiency business case:
An examination into the proven technologies, implementation strategies, and payback

An increasing demand for power is putting a heavy burden on grid capacity and aging infrastructure. In order to meet demand, minimize costly downtime and limit expensive capital projects, it is necessary to increase the capacity of the existing distribution grid. Fortunately, technology solutions are not "one size fits all."

This webinar will discuss three technology levels of volt/VAr efficiency strategies. Both substation level and enterprise-wide applications will be examined closely for payback opportunity in power efficiency and return on investment. 

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No compromises: How to reliably integrate renewables into the grid

Wind and solar power are viable electrical power generation sources that are better for the environment – but they are not without technological challenges.  In this webinar, panelists will discuss technology options to overcome the intermittency issues inherent to renewable power sources that allow utilities to achieve sustainability and reliability goals.  Plus, learn how battery energy storage systems can provide the load-balance and demand response necessary to ensure a stable and reliable grid. 

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On Demand


Introduction to Microgrids

These decentralized systems are becoming a talking point in many circles with the key factor and driving demand for Microgrids being reliability. However, there are other key influencing factors which help utilities, military bases, commercial campuses and isolated communities justify the expense of installing distributed generation.

The discussion will focus on how to properly implement a Microgrid, utilize renewables while maintaining stability and gaining efficiency in the production and consumption of power. 

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Demand Response
On Demand

Demand Response: De-mystifying the technologies that maximize the payback

Discover how utilities are using Demand Response (DER) technologies today to:

  • Utilize customer-controlled power to help manage grid capacity,
  • Integrate renewable power generation sources, such as wind and solar,
  • More closely balance power supply and demand, and
  • Reliably support the emerging electric vehicle market.

In this webinar, ABB smart grid experts will discuss how Demand Response applications enable utilities to improve system reliability, reduce CAPEX spending for new infrastructure and lower emissions. 

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Asset Health
On Demand

Asset Health:  How to potentially save millions in operations cost each year

Smart Grid technologies bring together equipment, software and communications, enabling utilities to super-charge asset health management strategies.  In this webinar, learn how utilities can leverage available data to provide predictive, condition-based decision making that can potentially save millions of dollars each year.

In this one hour event, expert asset health management panelists will discuss the process and tools to address critical issues such as aging assets and explore how to leverage these assets to achieve optimum performance. 

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