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2013 Archives
  • Power Update Newsletter - October 2013
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    FEATURE: Prioritizing and optimizing asset management. Asset-intensive industries depend on efficient and effective maintenance, repair, overhaul and eventual replacement of all assets to ensure strong returns on capital.
  • Power Update Newsletter - September 2013
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    FEATURE: Smart grid: Beyond smart meters. Despite a sluggish US economy, smart grid spending remains on the rise. The newest trends in smart grid technology, surprisingly, are not centered on AMI, but rather non-consumer applications.
  • Power Update Newsletter - August 2013
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    FEATURE: Improve power plant efficiency and become emission-compliant. As world energy demand recovers, it continues to drive power generation projects into ever expanding geographic regions and new areas of technology.
  • Power Update Newsletter - July 2013
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    FEATURE: Want a more resilient city? Superstorm Sandy was a watershed moment in North America. It forced cities to confront the realities of climate change. Severe weather events will be much more common in the future.
  • Power Update Newsletter - June 2013
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    FEATURE: High voltage breaker health assessment allows proactive maintenance. Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E), a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, requires an extremely reliable infrastructure to provide electricity to more than 367,000 customers and gas to more than 303,000 customers.
  • Power Update Newsletter - May 2013
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    FEATURE: Moving smart grid to the field: Important considerations when moving beyond smart metering. While a wide variety of applications have been associated with smart grid technologies, to date only advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) has seen widespread deployment in the field.
  • Power Update Newsletter - April 2013
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    FEATURE: Control transformer costs. Aging assets, rising energy demand and the critical need to avoid unplanned outages are challenging electric utilities and industries in North America and around the world.
  • Power Update Newsletter - March 2013
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    FEATURE: Tricked out substations. Utilities are taking advantage of advancements in technology to design and build substations with improved reliability, higher ratings, smaller footprints, increased automation and reduced requirements for maintenance labor.
  • Power Update Newsletter - February 2013
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    FEATURE: What's the next big smart grid investment in North America?* In this exclusive interview, Gary Rackliffe, VP of ABB’s smart grids in North America, discusses the “emerging markets” of utility analytics and asset management.
  • Power Update Newsletter - January 2013
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    FEATURE: Rx for transmission networks. American Electric Power (AEP) has selected ABB's Asset Health Center solution to improve performance and reliability of its electric transmission networks in all of its transmission substations.

2012 Archives
  • Power Update Newsletter - December 2012
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    FEATURE: What does the world’s first reuse of electric vehicle batteries as energy storage mean for smart grid? Did you know that, in most cases, when a Chevy Volt EV (electric vehicle) battery reaches the end of its life in an automotive capacity only 30% or less of its life will be used?
  • Power Update Newsletter - November 2012
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    FEATURE: The case for a distributed, smarter, cleaner power grid post Hurricane Sandy. The power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast highlight the need for a much greater investment in smart grid technology, energy storage systems, clean power...
  • Power Update Newsletter - October 2012
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    FEATURE: Like the plot of an action movie: transformers save the day. The electric grid, which keeps beer cold, houses warm, and city traffic from turning to chaos, depends on about 2,100 high-voltage transformers spread throughout the country.

2011 Archives
  • Power Update Newsletter - December 2011
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    FEATURE: Killer App: Distribution management at the smart grid frontier. The computer bank at Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) promises to change everything. Equipment racks loaded with 100 computer servers are running the software for a new distribution m
  • Power Update Newsletter - November-2011
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    FEATURE: Thought leaders wanted. Looking for a platform to showcase your original research or compelling application-based examples related to industry-focused automation and power solutions?
  • Power Update Newsletter - October 2011
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    FEATURE: Invisible power lines? Certainly. Now more than ever, we need additional transmission lines to integrate renewable energy into the grid.


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